New Baby Meals

Are you expecting a new child (by birth or adoption) or do you know someone who is? Would having someone else worry about dinner be blissful?  CPRC can help!



How it works:

  • E-mail the meals coordinator around the time of the homecoming

  • The meals coordinator consults with the new parents about timing, needs, and dietary restrictions

  • The Coordinator creates a schedule using (typically every other day for two weeks)

  • The Coordinator posts an announcement on the cprc_news listserve

  • CPRC members volunteer to provide dinners

There is no cost to accept hospitality, but if you receive meals it’s a great idea to give back by making meals for other new parents once your life settles down. By the way, if you have a family event (e.g. illness, surgery) that leaves you struggling to make a meal, you can call on us for that too! Membership is not required but it is a great way to connect with people and to help ensure that CPRC can continue to provide support for families in our community.

Welcome Baskets

Likewise, CPRC also provides a small gift basket for the new arrival. Our Meal and Baby Basket Coordinator will automatically send your basket when you contact her about meals. However, if you don’t need meals delivered but would like a basket dropped off to you, please let our coordinator know.